6, 8mm Tungsten Dome Matte Gray Wedding Band Mens Rings


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6, 8mm Tungsten Dome Matte Gray Wedding Band Mens Rings with your own wording , birthday or any text engraved on the ring, high polish finished, comfort fit design.

**Tungsten Carbide**
Tungsten is a extreme hardness and high resistance to scratching, it is about 10 times harder then 18K gold and twice stronger then steel. Our tungsten carbide jewelry is cobalt free to avoid allergies and will never turn your finger green.
Tungsten ring extreme hard but can be break when it drop from high level to floor or hit by hard material. Tungsten ring with color plated can be scratch also, some people misunderstand all tungsten jewelry are scratch proof .

** Custom and Personalized**
I accept any custom request, if you have any image, logo or your own design, send to us, we can work it out for you. The price of each custom order depends on your design and difficulty of the work.

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions60 × 60 × 30 cm
Ring Size

10mm US 10, 10mm US 11, 10mm US 12, 10mm US 13, 10mm US 14, 10mm US 15, 10mm US 7, 10mm US 8, 10mm US 9, 6mm US 10, 6mm US 10.5, 6mm US 11, 6mm US 11.5, 6mm US 12, 6mm US 12.5, 6mm US 13, 6mm US 14, 6mm US 4, 6mm US 4.5, 6mm US 5, 6mm US 5.5, 6mm US 6, 6mm US 6.5, 6mm US 7, 6mm US 7.5, 6mm US 8, 6mm US 8.5, 6mm US 9, 6mm US 9.5, 8mm US 10, 8mm US 10.5, 8mm US 11, 8mm US 11.5, 8mm US 12, 8mm US 12.5, 8mm US 13, 8mm US 14, 8mm US 7, 8mm US 7.5, 8mm US 8, 8mm US 8.5, 8mm US 9, 8mm US 9.5


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